About Us

We like to say our popcorn is gourmet. It sounds nice, but really it’s just a quicker way of saying, “We spend far too much time wondering if there are enough sprinkle pieces in this batch or if in that other batch, the sweetness of the bourbon isn't overpowering the smokiness of the barbecue.” Each one of these batches of popcorn is made in small quantities in Minneapolis, Minnesota to make sure that we can live up to that big little word. So that each bite tastes as big as ten bites. 

No matter the flavor, each bag of Maddy & Maize is non-GMO and gluten-free. And any beautiful colors you see through those bags? Well, that’s made possible by the magic of fruit and vegetable extracts. No dyes or weird artificial stuff here. 

We’re Maddy & Maize, and we want you to have the most delicious, all-natural popcorn you’ve ever tasted.